Meatatarian Yogi – A Hypocrite’s Guide to Happiness

I have been told that it would be wise to provide some information on my show for NZ Fringe Festival this year, so here goes!

Sarah LionyHas Tony Robbins let you down? Did ‘The Secret’ ruin your life? The relentless pursuit of happiness will only make you miserable. Embrace your inner bush-pig. Laugh at death and kick inner peace in the face. Namaste!

I can confirm I will wear a leotard for some of this show.  I can also confirm I will be in drag for another part.

It’s on as part of the NZ Fringe Festival, 13,14,15 Feb (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and 20,21,22 Feb (again, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at Understudy, the new bar at new BATS on Dixon St.  It’s at 10.30pm, the perfect time to mix ancient philosophy with spandex.

You can book here.  And if you are participating in the Fringe this year, you will get in FREE (stand-by tickets only).


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