Immortal Combat

This is my weirdest show, which premiered at the Dunedin Fringe Festival and scooped up the award for ‘Best Comedy’.

‘Best Comedy’ at the Dunedin Fringe Awards

Here is a bit about the show….

Death is pretty deadly. Is it an epidemic that must be cured, or part of life?

It’s possible that we will see medical immortality in our lifetime. But if we leave behind a legacy, is it necessary?

Has Sarah Harpur’s past life as a lion given her an unnatural taste for rare meat?

Meet Sarahtron 4 Million who will give you the rundown from the future.  She runs on Mojo Coffee.  She is a bloody genius.

Sarah speaking with Sarah in another dimension! It’s science!

Frozen brains. Obsession with fame. Cancer the musical. It’s Immortal Combat!

This show is confirmed to perform the following dates in 2011…..

Dunedin fringe festival- 17-20 March
NZ International Comedy festival- 11-14 May
Edinburgh fringe festival- 6-27 August


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