Life. Death. Pets.

‘Life.  Death.  Pets’ was my first solo 1 hour show and made its debut at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in 2010.  From there, it has gone on to perform 20 dates at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2011, at the amazing Tuxedo Cat.

Here is a bit about the show….

Parents often give their children a pet to teach them about life and death. But what happens when instead of one pet, you have dozens? Does that make you wiser or insane? Cat abortion, dog suicide, racist rabbits. Eating your mates. Relax – it’s all covered!

Adelaide was great- though I do think that it needs to take a long hard look at itself, as a city, and ask- “Is it really necessary to be 33 degrees at 8pm at night and spawn a plague of crickets upon the masses?”

Not that I had a problem with the insect plague- it was good to know that if the show fell flat there would literally be the sound of crickets- but I am used to, and cherish a very temperate climate.

Sweating should be a daytime occurrence.

Here is a photo of me sweating at the Tuxedo Cat’s Late Show….

Me singing the ‘Dead Dad’s Club’ song in Adelaide

I have retired this show for the time being, as I have ADHD, and am happy to be working on ‘Immortal Combat’.
I thank my audience members and reviewers for all the great feedback I have had for ‘Life. Death. Pets.’


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