The Comediettes

Sample the new generation of hilarity in heels as these vixens of N.Z comedy take the stage to tickle your funny bone in all the wrong places.   Sarah Harpur and Jim Stanton are ‘The Comediettes!”

push crop

Sarah Harpur experiences the force of Jim Stanton

‘The Comediettes’ is a unique and stylistically confident pitch of popular female talent to an increasingly enthusiastic comedy audience.  Last year over 80,000 people attended the NZ International Comedy Festival, proving a huge interest in NZ Comedy.

“The Comediettes- Better Living” will be our second professional production as a team and will further the development of ouract.  So far, our appearances for 2010 are as follows…

FEBRUARY New Zealand Fringe Festival

MARCH Adelaide Fringe Festival

APRIL Dunedin Fringe Festival

MAY New Zealand International Comedy Festival

Here we are on TV1’s Good Morning show, getting serious and chatting about Comedy and our 2009 NZ International Comedy Festival show.

Here are our reviews; and here you will find more about our 2010 festival show, ‘Better Living’.


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