Better Living!


Better Living 2010

‘Better Living’ has just finished its successful 2010 festival run- keep your eye out for us in Palmerston North in June- Yusss, we have cracked P-North!

‘Better Living’ is a 55 minute comedy show.  It’s a mixture of solo stand up comedy, plus banter and epically awesome songs as a duo.

The theme ‘Better Living’ will be delivering ‘handy hints’ and a satirical look at ways to make your life better.

How about wrapping your child’s head in Glad Wrap to keep it fresh?  Or, for a striking handbag, try a frozen chicken!

‘Better Living’ will be in the same spirit as our self-titled show, ‘The Comediettes’, was last year- that is- smart, sassy comedy from 2 very funny, very clever women, with a bit of a bite.

Although our product may seem skewed to the female demographic, it is definitely ‘male friendly’ and we intend that all demographics will enjoy our humour.

So far we have planned…

FEBRUARY 17-20  New Zealand Fringe Festival- 8.30pm- The Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba and Vivian Street

MARCH 6-13 Adelaide Fringe Festival- 7.00pm- The Maid, 1 Magill Road, Stepney

MARCH 24-27 Dunedin Fringe Festival- 7.30pm- XII Below Comedy Club, Moray Place

MAY 5-8 New Zealand International Comedy Festival (Wellington)- 9.30pm, BATS, Kent Terrace

MAY 11-15 New Zealand International Comedy Festival (Auckland)- 8.30pm, The Comedy Underground

The Comediettes were nominees for ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Marketing’ at the NZ Fringe Festival this year.


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