We Heart Mojo!

Just chillin at HQ

Mojo Coffee is the treasured sponsor of The Comediettes.  We treasure them deeply, because not only do they help us take our show to foreign lands, they are super cool and make the best coffee.

So one day Jim and I went on an adventure to Mojo HQ and had a snoop around.  We were delighted by what we found.

Which was shitloads of coffee.  ‘Relationship’ coffee.  That’s right- just when you thought ‘fair-trade’ was the best you could do- there is ANOTHER level of awesomeness.

Just checking quality, and shit. It's good.

Yes!  Relationship coffee makes ‘fair trade’ look shit!  It means Mojo have ‘relationships’ with the people who grow the beans.  Grow up.  Not ‘that’ kind of relationship.

Anyway, this is not an advertorial, it is a big thank you to MOJO- who are better than Greggs and Fags put together!

Please support them and their favourite charity, the Neo-Natal Trust- helping little babies who are too lazy to help themselves!

Tastes like awesome!

Better Living!


2 responses to “We Heart Mojo!

  1. The Comediettes and Mojo are two of my favourite things – what a perfect match!

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